Sweatcoin Satın Alınabilir mi?

There is currently no official marketplace to buy/sell Sweatcoin. Because of that, there’s no official value. Click the button below to buy Sweatcoins from our website. Trusted by 100’s of customers.

Here’s how to Buy Sweatcoin!

This website (Sweatcoin Guide) purchases coins from other users and re-sells them. The rates we sell Sweatcoin for are the best on the Internet (so far). We only accept PayPal, but get in contact with us if you would rather pay another way.

The current market favors the buyers, as there’s a surplus of people wanting to sell their coins. If you want to get in on the ground level, now’s the perfect time to buy.

How to Sell Sweatcoin

Click here to sell your Sweatcoin. You’ll fill out a form and send your coins to our address. Once we receive your coins we will send you funds via PayPal ASAP. Most orders are paid within a few hours, some orders may take up to a day.

While it’s difficult to make money in Sweatcoin (this will hopefully change soon), you CAN start making money with Bitcoin. Click here to read the comprehensive crypto currency investing guide on how to get started today with your Bitcoin investment.

Sweatcoin does not have a common marketplace/exchange price yet. There is no official marketplace or valuation. Therefore the value per Sweatcoin is what everyone agrees on based on the value of the offers on the App Marketplace. It may be wise to stockpile several thousand Sweatcoin. It might be worth a substantial amount of money some day. The value of Sweatcoin will increase as the offers become more appealing to the users of this app AND as competition within the marketplace increases.

Here’s Why the Marketplace is Lacking… For Now

There are several reasons why. First, there is no competition in the marketplace. A company can price a product or service for whatever it wants to. This results in offers costing a lot of Sweatcoin and being worth so little. Second, there’s no agreed upon value of a Sweatcoin; there’s no consistency. One week you might get per Sweatcoin. The next, you might get .

Next, the major issue why the marketplace sucks is that most offers cost real money. You may get a free product, but you’ll have to pay half the product’s cost in shipping & handling fees! The Sweatcoin creators will have to address these issues before Sweatcoin can be worth anything meaningful.

I predict the value per coin will be around in the future. Hypothetically, this would allow you to trade 400 coins for something worth . Sweatcoin’s future price will not be like Bitcoin’s surging price due to the ease of earning coins. It doesn’t get harder over time to earn Sweatcoin, unlike other crypto-currencies that get harder to mine the more other users mine. There is no competition to earn Sweatcoin. Therefore, the price of Sweatcoins will increase and plateau and likely stay that way,

However Sweatcoins may have value in other ways. They may buy goods and services that you use on a regular basis and normally pay money for. A good question to ask: How would your Sweatcoin app usage change if tomorrow you could sell each Sweatcoin for ? Would that inspire you to walk or run more? Would you upgrade your Membership Level to earn more coins in a day?

That’s why I say – stock up on Sweatcoin now because in the future you’ll want a lot. And when the opportunity comes to safely buy Sweatcoins with money, you’ll be ready to get them while they’re still dirt cheap!

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